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Branding & Logo Design

Branding & Logo Design

Are you running or launching a purpose-driven business that you want to stand out in the crowd? Do you feel ready to grow your customer base and need an authentic and engaging brand identity/ logo that genuinely connects to them?

Or perhaps you’ve been in business for some time now and feel that your Logo needs an update. Then we would love to help.

Don’t have the name figured out yet? No problem our Company Name package will have it covered in no time!

Logo Package Include:

One-on-one video or phone call to discuss your questionnaire or later to discuss your logo choice and revisions.

Questionnaire to help us learn more about your business, customer, competitors, goals, and style preferences.

The design and all files will be 100% yours.

The primary identifying mark of your business. Ideal for: larger print or web design, signage, or packaging.

All final design files come in all of the most popular file formats including JPG, PNG, PDF, AI, EPS, and SVG.

Price starts from £250

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our 2 part payment plan makes our packages even more affordable. We understand that cash flow is king when you are getting your business off the ground; this is why you will only be asked to pay 50% of the price to start creating your brand!

Custom logo design

£ 459
  • Video / Phone Consultation
  • 10 Logo Concepts
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • 5 Stock Images

Mini branding toolbox

£ 869
  • Video / Phone Consultation​
  • 15 Logo Concepts
  • Secondary Logo
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead & Envelope
  • Facebook Cover
  • Favicon
  • 10 Stock Images​

the full

£ 995
  • Video / Phone Consultation​​
  • 20 Logo Concepts
  • Secondary Logo
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions​
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead & Envelope​
  • Facebook Cover​
  • Social Media Logos ​
  • Favicon
  • 15 Stock Images​
  • Custom Color Pallet


Business Card

A unique business card designed to help you network and grow your business.


  • Double sided business card design

Brand Guide

A comprehensive guide of your brand’s fonts, colors and style.


  • Your business tag line
  • Logo usage
  • Typography
  • Color palette

Social Media Setup

Our Social Media Set Up packages will give you the online presence your business needs to grow, no matter how young or old your business is Included.

You've got questions. We've got answers.

A brand is the perceived identity of and emotional connection with your company and its products and services.

To be effective, your brand identity needs to be authentic and consistent. You want unified branding in everything you do.

This includes your company logo, business stationery, company presentations and marketing; otherwise, your employees, suppliers and customers might lose trust, will not hire / buy from you or recommend you to others.

Branding is about developing an authentic, uniformed image for your business internally and externally. It attracts attention, tells your story, sets you apart from your competition, and builds trust.

The logo is just one piece of the puzzle. Your logo is very important, but it’s not your brand. Branding ties together all the elements of marketing and advertising such as business stationery, images, social media logos / banners, colours, fonts, trend reports, tag line, to name a few.

We would strongly recommend doing more than just the logo and cover as much as your budget allows.

Most big brands freshen up their image every 7–10 years, regardless of circumstances. Changing fonts and colour combinations or eliminating shapes can keep your company from looking like it was designed in the 80’s.

If your company has experienced a transformation such as a merger, a company name change, you need to update your branding to reflect that.

Every Brand Design project takes approximately 3– 8 weeks to complete.

It all would depend on your response time, how fast you would provide us with all needed information and which package you choose.

All of our brand packages include a set number of logo designs, collateral items, design revisions, and free stock images.

We expect you to respond and collate all needed information as fast as you can as well as fill out our in-depth questionnaire in as much detail as possible.

Once we begin your project, we ask that you make sure that you are available and accessible for edits, revisions, feedback, and our design catch ups.

Ears that actually listen to your business idea and aspirations, eyes that see your company as the authentic creation it is, and brains that will mould your vision into a visual concept and will take your business to the next level.

We love to create and be part of growing your business.

  1. After you made your purchase, we will send you a digital contract, and a set of questions that will help us learn more about your business and what design style you love most.

  2. Once we get these answers from you, we will conduct research and create branding and logo concepts.

  3. We will get back to you via email for concept approval.

  4. This is where you can revise the suggestions and give us feedback.

  5. We will send you a final design package with all the files as outlined in the branding package you chose.

To deliver authentic and spot-on branding, we need to learn about your specialist area, pick the right team members for a brainstorming session, investigate your competition and of course, design all the elements. The best branding ideas are then incorporated into a presentation and given a description.

The result is that, at the end of the process, you will have an authentic branding that you will use for many years to come, which will be worth much more than it has cost you.

After an order is placed, our team immediately starts work on the project, which naturally costs money.

As such, we need to be sure that we will definitely get paid, this allows us to run a ‘lean’ company, collaborate with top external talent and offer you value-for-money packages.

All payments are handled online and can be paid in your local currency. We work with clients all over the world, but as the UK registered business and taxpayer, our prices are quoted in GBP.

Absolutely. We are an international company. Our customers come from many countries, such as the USA, UK, Lithuania, Spain, Bali and many more. Our team speaks English, Lithuanian and Russian.

Yes, please contact us and let us know what other services you need and what packages you want and we will send you a new quote with a discount.

Yes, of course. The cheapest way is to search for a name yourself.

However, we recommend that you seek advice and support doing this as the name is the single most crucial element when creating your business and building your brand.

We enter into non-disclosure agreements and will never share your ideas with anyone else.

Our business depends on us having an excellent reputation, and we would not risk damaging our name and lose face.

If you want to keep it all hush-hush, simply provide us with an outline, industry and examples of what you like. We will never push you to reveal more than we need to come up with excellent branding design.

However, bear in mind, that the more information you can provide, the more robust your branding will be.