Graphic Design

Modern and clean design for brands who want to stay authentic.

Graphic Design

Modern and clean design for brands who want to stay authentic.

Our mission is to build a business vision and create content that fosters human connection and enables people to lead more fulfilling and sustainable lives.

For Companies

Visual content converts faster than words alone. Visuals with colour increase people’s willingness to engage with a piece of content by 80%. Attract a larger audience, and enhance your customer experience and employee engagement with the design that grows your brand.

Art Walls

Decorate your office space with on-brand illustrations. Displaying art in the workplace can elevate employee performance, mood, and physical well-being. 

It also helps communicate key brand messages to your staff and your clients.

Our founder VJ Von Art is a full-fledged artist who has been making art, designing interior projects and sourcing art for corporate spaces for over 10 years in London. We can create custom artwork for your walls or source fine art pieces from emerging London artists.

Business Presentations

We will  help you create compelling and professionally designed PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. 

These will become your most valued marketing assets that make arguments, tell stories, influence audiences, inspire action, and achieve sales or investments.

Our PowerPoint and Google Slides templates include well-designed and easily adaptable slide templates for your most commonly used information, including professional bios, “about the firm” blurb, and more. This will help your team to stay on-brand and maintain consistency.

Event Invitations

Get the party started with a stylish invitation to make sure people are excited to turn up. 

After all, a party with a bigger crowd has a better vibe than a party of three. Oh, and it brings a better return on your investment, put’s your brand on the map and inspires your team.

Flyers & Leaflets

Trying to grow your brand’s reach? 

A cleverly and professionally designed leaflet will help you maximise your marketing budget.


Here are 6 reasons why your business needs infographics: 

Grab your customer’s attention, Demonstrates your expertise, Make complicated information easy to understand, Boost your brand value and Take your content viral. 

Our Infographics templates are easy to customise and will deliver an engaging and memorable visual experience to your audience.

Branded Company Goods

Create a raving fan club and increase your staff retention by offering branded Onboarding gifts to your new employees that inspire them and make them proud to be part of your team. 

People wear logos all the time so why not turn your staff into your brand ambassadors too by offering branded stylish Water Bottles, funky Socks, Note Books, Tote bags and more.

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